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Holmø Holding works as an incubator by grooming internal projects, to become independent companies partly or fully owned.

Pricecloud ApS

Shares: 51%

Disruptive price search engine

Simplehope ApS

Shares: 100%

ECO friendly toys



Discount search engine


The purpose of Holmø Holding ApS is to build disruptive new concepts. New concepts are seedet and groomed to be independent successful companies

  • December 2012

    Pricecloud ApS was incorporated

    Pricecloud ApS was founded by current owner WAY OFF ApS, in Copenhagen

  • October 2014

    Holmø Holding ApS was incorporated

    Holmø Holding ApS was formed by Nicolai Holmø Thomsen

  • November 2014

    Holmø Holding ApS buys Pricecloud ApS

    100% of the shares in Pricecloud ApS was purchased by Holmø Holding ApS from WAY OFF ApS

  • May 2015

    Simplehope ApS was incorporated

    As a result of a rising demand for organic baby toys and accessories Simplehope ApS wad founded, the company develops and sells organic baby products throughout Scandinavia

  • July 2015 was incubated

    A new concept was incubated in Holmø Holding ApS, - A service that focuses on discounted products on the scandinavian market.

  • August 2015

    Holmø Holding ApS sells 49% of Pricecloud ApS

    To keep focus on technological progress Holmø Holding ApS sold 49% of the shares in Pricecloud ApS to Search Engine Marketing AB in Stockholm, securing an important investment in the company growth.

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Behind Holmø Holding ApS

The company is founded and fully owned by Nicolai Holmø THomsen.

Nicolai Holmø Thomsen


Nicolai has a background in online marketing and product development with focus on e-commerce.

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The company is located in Roskilde, Denmark but are being operated from Barcelona, Spain. Get in touch via Phone on: +34 655 255 217 or email via the from below